Bookmarks 100 : Lovely Ladies With Music Instruments

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Lovely Ladies With Music Instruments
“Women have much to say through music that the world needs to hear and that men cannot say for them”
Clara Lyle Boone

“Be wicked, be brave, be drunk, be reckless, be dissolute, be despotic, be an anarchist, be a religious fanatic, be a suffragette, be anything you like, but for pity’s sake be it to the top of your bent — Live– live fully, live passionately, live disastrously au besoin.”
Violet Trefusis to Vita Sackville-West

“There is nothing greater than the joy of composing something oneself and then listening to it.”
Clara Schumann (wife of Robert), writing in her diary, 1846

“I cannot help considering it a sign of talent that I do not give it up, though I can get nobody to take an interest in my efforts.”
Fanny Mendelssohn (sister of Felix), 1836

“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”
Laurie Anderson

“I didn’t know I was a woman composer until the women’s movement in the 60′s.”
Miriam Gideon

“I have sworn to create new avenues of expression for the many women who have something essential to share with the world.”
Clara Lyle Boone

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