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Analu Campos Is Extraordinarily Sexy

Ladies and Gents, this is Analu Campos. She models lingerie for a living. Would you like to see her modelling some lingerie? We thought so.
So, who’s Analu Campos? Much like previous 'here is a beautiful woman with almost no information about her online' posts – such asGinta Lapina, Cintia Dicker, and Monika Pietrasinska – we have very little to go on whatsoever. 

Here’s what we know:
She’s been on the front cover of both the Italian and GermanMaxim, which is nice, and you’d think that once you’ve been on the cover of Maxim in two countries you deserve a Wikipedia page to help out poor men’s mag journos scrabbling for info, but apparently not.

She was described as 'Der Spielerfrauen' on the front cover of German Maxim. Now, our German isn’t as good as it used to be – and considering we never learned how to speak it in the first place, that’s pretty poor – but we reckon it’s the rough equivalent of 'WAG', as she’s married to Roma Striker Marco Borriello.

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