Bookmarks 100 : Yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion

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Yacht-house for Bill Gates's $ 1.4 billion 

No, Bill Gates does not own any super yacht. He is however often linked to large yachts around the world, naming them ‘the yacht of Bill Gates’. 

Bill Gates does have a lot of relatives, friends and business partners who do own large yachts. Therefore Bill Gates is often spotted at large super yachts around the world. For example his 1994 honeymoon was on Paul Allen’s yacht Charade, in 2012 he was spotted in Belize on Dennis Washington’s motor yacht Attessa. 

Yachts often wrongly named Bill Gates’ yacht are: Octopus (owned by his business partner Paul Allen), Skat (owned by his other business partner/ employee Charles Simonyi) and recently Attessa, owned by US billionaire Dennis Washington.

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