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Amazing Khaju Bridge
Located in the Isfahan province, in Iran, the Khaju bridges performs many functions. The first, most common one, is connecting the two banks of the Zayandeh river; at the same time, it works as a dam that separates two portions of the river with different water levels; finally, it is an excellent place for leisure, with its pavilions and steps over the water, in a region where the heat is often intense.

The bridge was built in the 17th century, with 23 arches, made from brick and stone, 105 metres long. In the upper level, it has a main central aisle, where traffic goes by (horses and carriages mostly) and two lateral galleries, covered by arches, for pedestrians. The functional concept and the quality of the space are irreproachable. 

The series of arches supporting the platform are used as a resting and refreshing spot, thanks to its shade and proximity to the water. Below, well-lined foundations sustain and lead the water from the upper level, upstream, towards the lower level, through a set of very elegant steps, which grab the entire structure to the riverbed. They are commonly used by the population, as a fluvial beach.

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